Speaking Engagements

All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.



When you get a group together to talk about diet and nutrition, the latest health trends, lifestyle hacking strategies, what makes us eat/think/sleep/do/feel better, you can pretty much guarantee a good time. Lively conversation, engaged thinking, challenging exchanges...it’s energizing stuff. You might even leave the room feeling inspired and switched on. I know I always do.

Scientific discoveries and innovative thinking make health and wellness constantly evolving topics. So expect an entertaining, informative, provocative and enterprising talk. I wouldn’t be doing this field justice if it was anything less.


corporate wellness

Let’s talk business. Productivity, focus, creativity, competitive advantage and success are driven by the people who make up your team and define your business and operating collateral.

We perform better when we’re at our best. We produce great work when we feel at the top of our game. Give your workforce the motivation and inspiration to attain peak level health and fitness and it’ll pay dividends. After all, sick days are just bad for business.