health and wellness transformation for mind body and soul



You possess a dynamic capacity for optimal health. An innate system for healing. A primal knowledge of movement. You are hard-wired to thrive.


My method is designed to stir your power, tap your potential and basically get you out of your own way


I will set your mind, fuel your body, feed your fire, unleash your life force. Together, we will unlock your code and write the program for your optimal wellbeing. When you step into the realm of possibility, you won’t look back.


Smart. Simple. Effective. Fast.

Don’t waste another day living life tethered to a stake in the ground.


what’s your code

Wherever you’re at now is where we’ll start. You may have a specific need or set of goals in mind. Together we will determine a holistic healing plan unique to you that covers diet, lifestyle, exercise and mental and emotional health for optimal wellbeing. Here are some examples of areas my clients choose to focus on…

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Currently the number one diet and lifestyle trend in the USA. Safely and sustainably switch your body’s operating system over from glucose (carbs) to burning fat and experience revolutionary change in your physique, mental state and capacity for superhero-strength healing.

Who can safely embark on a ketogenic diet? Firstly, anyone who is looking to lose weight especially body fat. It’s an amazing strategy if you’re overweight and frustrated with your inability to lose weight or keep it off. It is excellent for anyone struggling with cravings and unhealthy food behaviours or an eating disorder. A ketogenic diet can vastly improve and in some cases cure a wide number of serious health issues and diseases.

A ketogenic diet should not be undertaken by children, the elderly, if you’re pregnant, have been diagnosed with a serious health condition, or are currently receiving medical treatment, without consultation and approval from your medical doctor. If in doubt, I can help determine your options and also design a modified keto plan that supports your individual condition.


weight loss

Self explanatory. We've all been there. But let's not go there over and over and over and over again in life. Find your balance. Lose the weight. And never go back there again.

Eating in a healthful manner and reaching one’s ideal weight is not complicated or unobtainable. The basic premise of weight loss and eating for optimal health is actually quite simple. You already know it: expend more calories than you consume, cut out sugar and simple carbs, eat lots of leafy greens, avoid all processed food, choose organic, pasture-raised, hormone-free animal protein, eat only to satisfy hunger, drink lots of water… So simple in fact we should all be lean, strong and disease-free.  

Why then do we struggle with our weight? Why are we controlled by a perpetual loop of hunger, cravings, mood swings, defeat and disappointment? Why do we know what’s good for us but repeatedly make the same mistakes, fall back on the same poor lifestyle choices, and fail to kick the bad habits that result in less than optimal living? I will help you find your balance, lose the weight, and build a solid foundation of good health for the rest of your life.


eating disorders

Dearest one, with the utmost care, love and trust, we can walk this path together and gently find the way to heal your heart, feed your spirit and tame the hungry lion within.

My passion is changing your relationship with food. For good. But it’s not about the food. Not really. I want you to heal the part of you that’s turning to food to cope. I want to help you understand why your spirit is broken, or doubting, or afraid, and give you the tools to tap into your ability to mend. You possess a powerful healing system, we all do. Your relationship with food is the key to unlocking the power of your spirit, your life force, and your unique ability to overcome.

The path to healing begins with the pain you are feeling and the weapon, in this case food, which you perhaps brandish in self-protection and defense but ultimately cause yourself further injury. The deeper the pain, the more you protect yourself against it, and the more wounds you inflict upon yourself.

Note: Your information is kept strictly confidential and never shared under any circumstances.

When an illness is part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire.

CAROLINE MYSS, Anatomy of the Spirit.



Not just for January. This cleanse is for you if you are feeling like a change. Need to switch things up. Want to give your mind and body a spring clean. Simple. Effective. Smart.

Despite a lot of conflicting information about detox cleanses (can one truly rejuvenate or is it just good marketing?), our bodies do benefit from a phase of so-called clean eating. Our bodies don’t lack the ability to digest, process, filter, eliminate. In fact it’s this highly intelligent interconnected complex system that uses up a lot of energy daily and keeps us alive in the process. We just don’t do it any favors, not with today’s fast living and over-engineered eating. So, detox. Take yourself out of the equation for a change. And let your body tap into its infinite wisdom for a bit without rude interruption.

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fast track

Rapid weight loss is generally discouraged but with our professional guidance, you can slim down in time for your wedding, vacation, high school reunion, or just to prove to yourself you have willpower of steel and the mind of a jedi.


condition specific

“Provided one has the correct level of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional input, the body can overcome disease."  – Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner.

Nutrition and lifestyle directly impact how we feel, how we function, and how healthy we are. That’s fact, not opinion. Modern medicine increasingly recognizes the correlation of diet and disease for which strong evidence indicates important health implications. An example of health conditions prevented, relieved, managed or cured through diet includes acne, allergies, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, autism, autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, celiac disease, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, fatty liver, fibromyalgia, hypertension, IBS, inflammation, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, migraines, MS, obesity, osteoporosis, PCOS, sleep disorders, stroke.